Wednesday, August 16, 2017


  I know I have been a little MIA lately,
 but I have been very busy finishing up my quilt for the 
MQX Quilt Festival competition.
I have also been preparing for my classes that I will be teaching 
at MQX.
I am very excited about all of my classes but 
I am loving my hands on long arm class.
We are going to start with a 16.5 stencil
center and work out from there.
Just look at the beautiful trapunto look.
And, yes, you can do this.

You will add motifs and background fills and leave class with 
a wall hanging or pillow, whichever one you decide.

I will have rulers and stencils to use in class.
All you need to bring is thread snips,
 everything else you will need 
is supplied in the
class kit.

We will have fun deciding which designs you 
want to use. Believe me it will be easier than you think.
The class description states confident beginner but I think any one 
that can turn a machine on can quilt this wall hanging.

I will show you how to have more control of the machine
to achieve a beautiful work of art that you will be proud 
to hang on your wall, place on a table, or a pillow for your bed.

Sign up quick, the spots are filling up fast.
Visit the show website to sign up online or at the show.

Tell your friends and join me at the show.


  1. Everything looks wonderful. Good luck with your class!

  2. looks amazing I can only dream of quilting well though seriously thinking a 11" arm machine might help

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  4. Link to the quilt show does not work. Also, to your statement
    "anyone that can turn a machine on can quilt this wall hanging", ha ha, you have not met me!

    1. I will have to fix the link to the show, thank you for letting me know. I think you would be very surprised by the class, I think you would do fine.

  5. I need that class! But first I have to learn how to even machine quilt. Just lovely.

  6. I'm a new follower through Can I Get a Whoop Whoop! You do very beautiful quilting work. Enjoy all the fun things you've got coming up! Andrea

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