Friday, May 1, 2015

I was on vacation last week.
Vacation in April means a trip to Paducah.
Took a class with Jamie Wallen. 
He always has the best class, learn so much and
enjoy every minute.
Stopped by my favorite booth,
Primitive Gathering.  Met Lisa and Nick.
I talked a while with
Linda Hrcka, who was helping
in the booth. 
 So excited to meet and talk
with them.
Beautiful quilts at the show.
Bought a ruler from Jamie
and wool at Primitive Gatherings.
The white, blue and brown I picked up in a different
booth, but I lost their card so I don't know who.
I also picked up some wide backing but I've had to move
a lot of things to a closet because of this repair work
Remember when we had the ice damn, well it is just now being repaired.  Millie is covered,
everything else in the closet or
different rooms. 
Will take me longer to get everything back where it belongs.
I did get a little more finished on my flannel quilt.
Hoping I get back on it sometime this weekend.
I have a few customer quilts to work on
 so I might have to take this one off for a while.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. sounds like you had a good break away and all ready to finish the quilt now the quilting is looking great

  2. Vactions are meant to be a something Quilty---Right? You have a nice wool selection and knowledge to bring back--win-win. Your quilting looks wonderful as usual.