Friday, May 22, 2015

Sweet baby quilt

I quilted this sweet baby quilt
for a customer.
Had never quilted a candlewicking
quilt so I was stumped for a while.
I felt like the blocks should be
framed since there was no sashing.
When I framed two squares I noticed a secondary
pattern and filled the space with feathers.
I quilted around the candlewick
like I would applique. Made it pop.
This is such a sweet baby quilt.
I knew she wanted to use the quilt so I didn't
quilt any tiny background fill.
I wanted to keep it soft, not stiff.
Feathered the borders.
Hope she likes it and the baby enjoys it
for years to come.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day,
remember the soldiers who gave their lives
for us.


  1. What a gorgeous quilt and you did a great job with the quilting. What a treasure for this little baby.

  2. That is so sweet, and your quilting is, as always, amazing!!!

  3. Your quilting is perfect! Love the sashing effect!

  4. Sweet indeed! Great quilting decisions!

  5. Amazing!!! Perfect quilting and embroidery! I love it.

  6. That's such an adorable baby quilt, and your quilting is amazing. Love it!

  7. Where did you get your patterns/kits for this quilt?