Thursday, January 1, 2015

And a Happy New Year to you!

I want to share my last quilt
for 2014.
I tried to finish for Christmas, but
I was a couple of days late.
I came down with a nasty bug on Christmas,
flu I think, (even though I had a flu shot).
Even though I love sharing things,
 I didn't think I  should share the flu, so the quilt
has not been delivered yet.
Being in the accounting field, year end is...well you can image.
Monday was the day I scheduled inventory,
outside, 32 degrees and still sick, but I made it.
Anyway, I'm sure you did come here to listen to me whine.
So here it is....
A little history...
This is a memory quilt I made for my aunt.
The stars are made from her late husband's
There are six circles of stars, one for each of her children,
and 8 stars in each circle, one for each member of her family.
I quilted 18 friendship stars for each of her grandchildren.
There are 15 pinwheels for her great grandchildren.
The pattern is Round and Round by Thimble Blossoms.
I left the center circle off and quilted his name.
(just in case you noticed, I did fix the corner of that pinwheel)
I quilt everything freehand, including the names.
2 layers 80/20 batting.
Glide thread, linen, it's not a white white, but not beige.
Love it on a white background.
I like to try something new on every quilt, this time it was
feather circles.
Nice little feathered border.
I couldn't get a picture of the whole quilt,
this is as good as I could get.
Thanks for stopping by,
back to work tomorrow.


  1. Wow, Diane - as usual, your work is spectacular! Love the thought behind the design and the quilting is amazing!! Whoop whoop!!

  2. sorry you have been unwell hope you are a lot better now.
    This must be the most exquisite quilt I have ever seen and so full of memories a true delight

  3. Oh this is truly stunning work! I love the symbolism and memories you've included in the piece. I'm sure your aunt will love it!

  4. It's beautiful. You've put so much time and love into every step of this quilt. What a lovely gift to your aunt. It's so personal and celebrates her family. She'll treasure this.

  5. Exquisite! what a magnificent way to keep a persons life alive and so much meaning within its piecing and quilting. Stunning.

  6. This quilt just couldn't be any more perfect! I love all of the details with such special meaning. What a treasure!

  7. It's a beautiful keepsake! Well done.

  8. It is just gorgeous. I'm so sorry that nasty flu bug caught you. I'm hoping that we can avoid it this year.

  9. This is absolutely gorgeous! You really do beautiful work.

  10. Stunning!!! I hope I get to see this in a show somewhere. It is a ribbon winner!

  11. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

  12. What a wonderful work of art. Love all the ways you included the whole family. So sorry you caught the bug. Hopefully you are back to health now.