Sunday, December 7, 2014

One down, one to go

I have a finish!!!
Well, except trimming
and binding, but I'm calling it a finish.
I hope you like pictures,
because I have lots of them to show.
Will have to get a better picture of his name.
A little background...
The stars are made from the shirts of
my boss who passed away last year.
I am making memory quilts for
his wife (Dresden Plate showed in previous post)
and three children.
This quilt pattern is Rockstar from Primitive Gatherings.
I left off one of the stars in the border, that way each member of the family had a star and I had a place to
quilt his name.
I quilted his wife's, children and grandchildren's name
around the quilt.
SoFine thread, 405 I think.
2 layers batting, wool on top and cotton on the bottom.
Looks good on Stevie's bed.
I am so happy with the way it finished.
Too big to show the whole quilt at time.

A heart in three of the corners for each of his children.

and the back
Still have threads to trim also.
I have another quilt I'm going to try and finish before Christmas.
Will have to see how that goes.
 It's also a memory quilt
for a family member who has received some bad
news and I think it would make her feel better
to have her husband memory quilt to comfort her.


  1. Wow! what beautiful quilting Diane! and such a heartfelt gesture for the family. I'm sure these will become family heirlooms.

  2. Amazing quilting, Diane! I think you make the most wonderful memory quilts! Whoop whoop!!

  3. as above amazing was the word that sprang into mind as soon as I saw this quilt.
    What a wonderful memory to have of a dearly loved one

  4. Truly a master piece! What a heirloom and memory piece of art!

  5. Your quilting is really beautiful and this quilt is so special. I really love all of the detail and things that you've done that have special meaning. Love the names in the quilting..just love it all!

  6. This is just exquisite! And such an enormous act of kindness, it's a very nice start for my morning to see this. :)

  7. Breathtakingly beautiful! The quilting really enhances this quilt which will I am sure be a family treasure and a wonderful remembrance.

  8. Stunning, really just so beautiful...thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh that is just gorgeous, I am sure the family will treasure their quilts :-)

  10. What a beautiful and touching thing you have done Diane! Your quilting is breathtakingly lovely!

  11. Gorgeous!!!!Your quiltig is so beautiful!!!! Your family will love ad treasure this.

  12. I am blown away by your quilting. This is nothing short of magnificent!

  13. Oh wow is right. Your work is spectacular and I'm sure it will be cherished.

  14. Beautiful, as usual. You are such a wonderful quilt artist!

  15. I have only just discovered your blog today, what a delight!!! Your quilting is so beautiful! I am now going to settle down and look through the rest of your posts.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Australia!

  16. What a heart felt quilt. Utterly amazing. The healing this quilt must provide that family is just heart warming and to know the comfort it will have for generations to come. Wow, amazing!!

  17. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.

  18. It is beautiful, can I ask what it looks like on the back

  19. Is most of your quilting free hand or program generated? There is absolutely no area that isn't stunning!!!

  20. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it.

  21. I love how you have quilted family names into it and your feathers.

  22. I love this- can I ask what the back looks like with the words