Saturday, August 16, 2014

Exciting news

I didn't tell anyone, but
I entered 2 quilts in the
Machine Quilting Today Quilt Show.
This one, my IQ quilt or renamed
"Ian's Place"

and this one
"Rings Around The Flowers"
I know, not very good at naming quilts.
and look at what was in the second box when they
arrived back home


a 3rd place ribbon in the Guided by Tools class.
took the pictures for me. (except for the second one I couldn't get the one she took to download for some reason and her pictures are way better than mine)
Thank you so much, Sue.
By the way, Sue is a great quilter, been a stalker fan for awhile.
I was so excited and happy. 
I know I waited a whole week write a post about it,
but my feet are just now hitting the ground.
I know it is third place but very exciting for me.  This is the first show I have entered other than small local shows.
 Had a few things the judges said needed improving
and I will work on those.
That's one reason I entered was to get the judges review
 to see what I needed to improve on.
I have also finished Barbara's quilt and have a ton of pictures
to share but first I must run some errands and stop by a quilt show in Murfreesboro, TN. (no entry)
Will post Barbara's later tonight.


  1. Congratulation!!!!!!
    Both quilts are so wonderful. Great work.

  2. Congratulations that is fantastic. A ribbon is something to be very proud of be it first, second or third. Your work is such an inspiration. Love both the quilts,

  3. Congrats - that is amazing! Your quilting looks wonderful - well deserved!

  4. 2 very gorgeous quilts Diane! Congratulations for your ribbon! What do you need improvement on? Just curious because your quilting looks fantastic!

  5. Your quilts are both beautiful! Congratulations on winning the ribbon!

  6. Congratulations, Diane! Well deserved!!!

  7. 2 real beauties and congratulations on the award,

  8. Huge Congrats to you!!! Woo-hoo!!!! Acknowledgement from others in the art is always a 'boost'!!! Well deserved.....for sure!! Hugs................