Friday, October 25, 2013


While Market is in Houston we, all of us that can't go, have
the Festival twice a year.
Do you have quilt to enter?
Lots of fun seeing all the different quilts
and when the times comes
you will be able to vote for your favorite
in the different classes.
Make sure you grab a drink and a favorite chair because there will be a lot,
 I mean a LOT of eye candy.
Anyone can enter and you can enter up to two quilts, with different posts
of course.
This is the second of my quilts, first one can be seen here

This quilt was in my head for a long time.  This is all original, my design.
I had a little help from a few tools
Some rulers to help with those curves and lines.
I bought the template on the right, from Judi at
several years ago, first time I used it.  I already had the quilt on the frame so I made a copy
and cut it out, traced around it.  See it there in the triangle area?
Also had help from

All quilting is free hand.  I love how this finished, just like the one in my head.

It was raining the day I took pictures.

I used two layers of batting, the bottom is Warm & Natural 100% cotton and on the top I used
Tuscany Wool that I bought at AQS show in Paducah this past spring.

I've heard so much about silk thread that I decided to give it a try.
It was ok, except the thread kept hanging on the top of the spool
which made a lot of thread breaks.  I ran out before I finished the quilting and didn't have time to order more

so I used So Fine#60 and guess what .... can't tell any difference.
In hind sight I wish I had used Glide so that it would have a little sheen.
Other than that I would not change a thing.
I made this to hang in my dining room, it is 53X53.
 My DH even likes it,
he keeps running his hand over it.
I do like how the wool makes the designs "pop".
You can't tell from the pictures, but I went around all of the applique and it pops off the background.
This quilt has a lot of first for me.
Thank you for visiting and check out all the quilts at


  1. a beautiful quilt and what a pleasure to sit in your dining room having your meala and see this on the wall

  2. Beautiful quilting and applique - good luck in the Blog Festival!

  3. Wow this is a beautiful and amazing quilt! Your quilting is over the top gorgeous!

  4. What a beauty! Your quilting is exquisite!

  5. Holy cow, this is beautiful! I want to touch it!

  6. Diane my jaw is on the ground ! I thought your son's quilt was marvelous -- well this one takes the cake! You my friend are a very talented quilter! I love the applique, the quilting, the designs, everything about it. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring! Hugs, Karen

  7. Your design and colours are gorgeous, and the quilting even more so! I plan to use the colours as future design inspiration!

  8. Your quilting is absolutely beautiful.

  9. Oh my goodness, your quilt is stunning! I came here for looking at the gorgeous applique, and then my jaw just dropped looking at your close-ups of quilting. Absolutely brilliant!

  10. Lovely! Wonderful design and quilting is exquisite. Applique reminds me of a rug i designed in a college art class in 1970! Thanks for sharing and have a great day

  11. Wow. You are an amazing artist!! Stunning.

  12. Beautiful work, from design through completed quilt. A wonderful pairing of applique and wholecloth work. Don't you just love wool batting!!! It really makes the quilting shine with lovely rounded texture. Keep up the most excellent work!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  13. Your quilt is beautiful. Thanks for sharing some of your tools and techniques.

  14. Absolutely jaw-dropping gorgeous!

  15. I can only dream of doing something that magnificent! Thats for the eye popping beauty.Im off to wipe the "envy drool" off my chin.Outstanding piece of work

  16. Love it! I love quilting the quilts more than putting the top together so I love it when I see a simple top with absolutely fabulous quilting!

  17. Wow! I dream of quilting like this some day. Very inspiring.