Sunday, October 13, 2013

Let me give a peek at what has been keeping me
busy this past week.
Besides taking my father to the ER after a fall
and making sure that my mother and son was okay after she had a wreck, all are fine, (yes on the same day)
I was able to make some progress on this
I don't want to show the whole piece just yet,
really can't because it is still on the frame.
I have had so much fun working on this.
Yes, I mark my quilts with a blue marker,
never had any problems, now watch tomorrow I will.
I have heard so much about silk thread, how great and wonderful it is, so I ordered some for this quilt.
I don't really like it, there I said it.
I wish I had used the Glide thread that I love.
I actually ran out of the silk thread and don't have time to order
more so I started using So Fine #50.  I can't see any difference, so I hope that stays true.  A lot of work to mess up at the end.
I have heard from several teachers and instructors
to develop your own style, so I guess this is emerging as
MY style.
Have to have it finished this week( have plans for this one)
so be watching later in the week to see the whole piece.


  1. So gorgeous, Diane!!! Your style is really beautiful - unlike any I've seen elsewhere! Whoop whoop for you!!

  2. quilting is looking beautiful and the applique we have a peep of, I can`t wait to see fully. Hope the family are all well again now.

  3. I love your style and hope to be that good some day. I'm sorry about your dad and mom and hope everyone is ok.