Friday, September 27, 2013

Finally a finish

actually six finished.
Been in my hands way too long.
Some of you may remember late last November
a lady contacted me and wanted 9 memory quilts made from
her FIL shirts.  He had a massive heart attack while on an anniversary
trip.  She wanted them for Christmas gifts.
Yes, you read that right 10 quilts in a month.
I gave it my all but only got 3 finished and another top pieced.
I started working on them again in Feb, but several personal and family
problems arose.  In fact, I could not sew or quilt for about 3 weeks at one point.
I don't know what happened to this year but I was finally able to finish these up.
A beautiful sight to me.
Since I was rushed in the beginning I had to come up with a very simple
pattern, but I was a little concerned that they were....well, a little plain.
So I came up with quilting words of who he was in the borders, son, brother,
husband, father and grandfather or Pop as he was known.

 Every one is quilted differently but each has the same words.
I was asked to change the word Grandfather, on the first three, to Pop on the last six.  So three of them are a little different.
I tried to use pockets
or labels
Even paint stains and spots

Hope to have these delivered this weekend and start on the next group.


  1. Hooray for you!! I see that you managed to get some time for yourself this week! Whoop whoop for a fabulous set of finishes!!

  2. so good to read these have been completed, distressed to read about your heart attack, now you are being a good girl and taking things at a slower pace I hope and looking after yourself.

  3. That is just wonderful and I know they will be well loved.

  4. These are gorgeous - such nice quilting on them, particularly the words in the borders. Great job. Huge job, too!!