Thursday, November 21, 2013

Monthly Update

Seems like a monthly newsletter, but not really.
I am working hard on Christmas quilts
trying to decide what I can show and what
has to wait until after Christmas.
This is a little peek of one of the memory quilts I made for
a lady and her siblings.  What a special sister to have these quilts made for her siblings out of their father's shirts.
I'm not sure if she reads my blog so I don't want to share too much.  He played billiards, won several championships.  I was able to find some fabric with billiard balls and cue sticks.
This would have been a great quilt for custom quilting but we had to stay within a budget since she had 4 to make.
Turned out great with E2E quilting.
You may remember this one I made for a friend at work that lost both of his parents last year.
He said every time his daughter sees the quilt she cries.
He ask if I still had the clothes (and I did, see sometimes it pays to be a procrastinator) and could I make both of his children a quilt for Christmas.
One is on the frame now and the other one is being pieced.
I promise those lines are straight and even.
Since this one is a Grandparents  (8 point star)
memory quilt
I have 9 pinwheels for the children and 23 quilted pinwheels in the border for the grandchildren.
and of course there are names.  Just about through with everything but the background.  Yes, Virginia there is a Santa and he she will have you something special this year.
I think I have enough shirts left over to make a small quilt
for his grandson and one for a grandchild on the way.
We'll see after Christmas. 
 I just think that would be so special to have a quilt made from your Great Grandparents clothing.
Just 5 more quilts to make before Christmas, don't think I'll make it this year, but as usual I will give it my all.
Well that's all for now, going up to the studio to work a while.
Almost forgot.....
my wall quilt
didn't win in the Bloggers Quiltfest,
but it did win 2nd place
in a local Octoberfest show. 
It was also featured on APQS facebook page (thanks for letting me know Ann)


  1. Always an inspiration to drop by!!!!! Love your quilting!!!! Hugs........

  2. I love the blue and white quilt with all the feathers and pinwheels quilted in it, it looks gorgeous! And too bad you didn't win with the applique quilt because I voted for it. Dang!