Monday, September 17, 2012

Catching up

So much has happened, I don't even know where to start.
The doctor says my collarbone is healed but I wonder why my
arm and shoulder still hurts and I can't move my arm certain
ways without pain that takes my breath away.
Maybe time for another doctor's opinion.
My father and Stevie has also had some medical problems.
We are supporting our local medical personnel.
While my collarbone was mending I did find a way to sew.
I discovered if I raised my chair real high my arm would be level
with my sewing table.  I had to use my left hand more than
usual but it worked.
I managed to make yet another Dr. Seuss baby quilt.  I think I might have enough fabric to make one more.  Yipee!!
Elizabeth's mother loved it.  It was used as part of the Dr. Seuss baby shower decorations.  Worked out perfect and I found out later that yellow is the mom's favorite color.
My oldest son is moving and I've been helping him.  Painting, remodeling, painting, cleaning carpets, painting, flooring, painting, did I mention painting.  This coming weekend will hopefully be the last weekend and I will get back my sewing time.  I have enjoyed being with him even though we worked hard.  Good to know he still needs me, sometimes.
I have a few more things to share but I'll wait til later.
Thanks for stopping by and letting me share.


  1. I'm hoping you feel better. I can't believe you still got to sew! Good for you! Your baby quilt is lovely! Easy to see why the Elizabeth's mom loves it!

  2. I LOVE the Dr. Seuss quilt! Hope you're all healed up soon.

  3. Hi, Diane! I'm sorry to say I've fallen so far behind on my blogging that I'm just now seeing this post!! Sorry to hear about your accident, but hope you're much improved by now. We've missed you at sewing - hope you can come back soon!! At least try to get to the Christmas meeting, December 1st!!