Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where did it go?

Wow! What happened to the month of October?
 I finished helping my oldest son remodel his house.
Then my parents started having more medical issues and Stevie has had some
medical issues and on and on and on.  The whole month gone.
I did find time here and there to work on a few quilts.

I made this commission quilt for a Tina, a lady I work with, as a
wedding present for her friend.

The wind was blowing so bad that it was impossible to get a good picture.
I'll try again when Sandy (hurricane) goes away and the wind dies down.

Tina wanted me to make the quilt in earth tone colors and she wanted it
to be beach related.  Her friends were getting married on the beach in Florida.

The first thing that came to mind was a quilt my blog friend, Ann at
I e-mailed her  and ask for the pattern name and asked if she minded if I used her quilt
as inspiration, in other words make one very similar.  She used beautiful blues and greens, I used
earth tones.  I had so much fun with the quilting.  I outlined the design in the middle and then quilted the pebbles, all of the browns are quilted in swirls.  At first I thought, OMG what was I thinking this is going to take forever.  I might have this finished for their 10th anniversary.  I kept at it and the more I did the faster and better the pebbling got.
I love the way it turned out.
Funny story, I showed it to my DH and he said "Alright, finally one (quilt) for us"
I felt good he could actually tell there was a  "W" in the center square.
He was so disappointed the "W" was not for us.
Don't feel too sorry for him, he doesn't know it but Santa will be
delivering a quilt to him.  He has no clue the one on the design wall is for him.

Here is a little close up of the quilting

Promise to post more pictures.  Thanks to Ann for sharing her quilt and giving me the inspiration.

I hope everyone in Sandy's path is okay.  My sister was here last week helping me remodel (yes, another
remodel, I think I need to turn in my controller hat for a hard hat) our parents bathroom.  She was suppose to fly back to NY last Friday, but we ran into some problems ( rotted sub floor) so it took us longer than we expected.  We replaced the sub floor but that put we way behind.  She changed her flight to  yesterday so that I would not be left to finish up.  Then here comes Sandy.  Her flight into Baltimore was canceled on Sunday.  She worked it out to fly into Cleveland, OH and rented a car to drive to NY.
She made it fine, no major problems, although I think she probably looked silly in carpi's
and sandals in the snow and rain.


  1. Gorgeous quilt, Diane! Love the quilting you did in the centers - it's just spectacular!!

  2. Your quilting is phenomenal! Beautiful quilt. Love it!