Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Step, Step, Splat

You know how normally a person walks down steps one at a time. 
Do you know what happens when one of those steps are missed by the
person who is trying to desend down them?
Well it is not pretty sight,
unless you are trying to win the $100,000.00 on AFV (America's Funnest Videos),
ask me how I know.  I think the next time I think about doing something stupid
I will ask DH to follow with a camera so at least I might have a chance
to win something or give someone one of those tear jerking laughs. 
You know the kind...tears running down your face, side hurting from laughing , 
 and seems like hours before the laughters stop and someone says "Are you ok?"

Last week I was on vacation, well not really vacation,  I didn't go to the beach or to the mountains
or camping, etc. ,heck I didn't even get to go shopping, I just didn't have to go to the office.  I did , however, take Stevie to Nashville Shores,( a water park about 10 minutes from our house), several days.

Anyway, Sunday I was going down the stairs into the garage and I missed the last step
 (of course I am still debating if this would have happened if I had turned the light on)
So I didn't step on the bottom step, instead I chose the more physical route.
After missing the last step, I flung into the passager side of my car and instantly bounced
off and went splat on the concrete floor of the garage.
It was a HARD hit, not quite as flexable as I used to be.  DH was still in bed but I knew Stevie was in the family room I yelled and yelled for Stevie, but he couldn't hear for the wrestling he was watching,  the dog did however hear and was whining on the other side of the door.  I had to lay there for a while and slowly pulled myself up.  Knew my shoulder hurt a bit and I scraped my right ankle.

Stevie and I went swimming and I was a little sore but thought nothing about it.
I had gotten on to my mother for not going to the doctor when she fell the last time, so I thought I had better set a good example and made a doctor appointment for Monday afternoon.

The doctor prodded and poked and took xrays.  I ended up with a sprained ankle, sprained back (?) and a broken collar bone.  Sling on right arm, wrap on right ankle.  Yes, right side and yes I am right handed, so no sewing, no quilting for 3 weeks. Yeah, right, someway somehow.
I should take pictures to share but they would be left handed and I don't think they would be very good.  

I did finish some things before my date with the floor, will share those shortly.
Take care and watch those stairs.
Oh and today is my birthday so maybe a giveaway.
Check back later to see what that may be. 


  1. Oh, my, Diane, I hope you heal very quickly! I think we've all had little mishaps like that but you seem to have really hurt yourself! You should take it easy, relax and let your body mend! Happy Birthday! I know it's probably not your most fun birthday, but I bet you won't forget it!!Enjoy your day as best as you can!!

  2. I'm so sorry this happened to you! And I'm definitely sorry to hear about that 3-week hiatus from sewing - I hope it doesn't bother you as badly as it would bother me!!! Get better soon!! And Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  3. So sorry to hear about your fall. I fell going upstairs (yeah, takes talent to fall upstairs)my whole foot was black and blue for 3 weeks from the bruising. At least it was my foot and I could still sew. Here's wishing you a very quick recovery and a Happy Birthday!!! Do something fun.

  4. How awful! So sorry that you're hurt! I fell down the basement steps once (ALL the way down) and hit the concrete floor hard, but didn't break anything. I hurt pretty badly and think I had a sprain, but didn't go to the doctor! I know, bad. Its easy to miss those steps!
    Happy belated birthday!

  5. Do you have the QuiltCam? I've watched the video'sn the R$S site and the one showing the actually stitiching using a panto looks pretty bad, the quilting I mean. Can you email me any opinions or tips if you have this "notion" lol?? Thank you, Amie in M'boro

    I got you blog addy of the R&S site.

  6. Oh my goodness, glad you are ok. I fell twice recently and both times were skidding on my knees. I looked like a four year old learning to ride a bike! Hope you had a nice birthday. And, that you are back sewing!