Friday, July 6, 2012

UFO finished

Our church was contacted about an out of town mother
and her 6 month old daughter, Lily.
They are at Monroe Carroll Childrens Hospital (Vanderbilt) awaiting open heart surgery for Lily.
As many of you know, my son Stevie had open heart surgery
when he was just 6 months old.
How I wished I had had someone to talk with.
I wanted to visit but wanted to do a wee bit more.
No time to make a quilt for Lily, but wait...
I have a UFO that was suppose to be for Zoe.
See it over there in my UFO list.
I found Zoe/Lily's quilt hanging in the closet almost finished.
Don't know why it was never finished, I think I ran out of thread.

Anyway, I finished quilting it and sewed the binding on.  Rolled it up and tied with a ribbon.
Turned out pretty cute.  Sorry, Zoe.  Lily's mom was sleeping when I went for a visit and I didn't want to wake her.  I left the quilt with a note.  I said a prayer with Lily and left.  Please say a little prayer for Lily.  Her surgery was postponed because she developed a fever.

I had a lady ask me to make a quilt for her soon to be here granddaughter.  She wanted it to be pink and brown.  First thing I thought of was the Lily and Will I had in my stash.
I started piecing pinwheels but didn't like the way the quilt was going together.  She wanted the baby's name, first and middle, on the quilt, which was a bit long. 
Then she wanted a little bit of green.
 I finally came up with a plan, by accident,
 and finished piecing the top yesterday.

Stopped by my LQS, The Quilter's Path, and Marita helped pick out the backing.  Decided a ivory on ivory was the best.
Loading it on frame tonight.

Perfect for a little girl.

A little seek peek at what's on the design wall for next week.

Hope you had a nice 4th of July.

Whoop Whoop it's Tuesday Friday.

and showing off a finished UFO with


  1. Adorable quilts! So sweet of you to give the quilt to Lily. I hope Lily does well with her surgery. Keep us updated if you can.

  2. I will keep Lily and her family in my prayers. What a beautiful thing you have done for her family, I'm sure that quilt will be a treasured blessing during this difficult time.

    I love what you came up with for Kinley's quilt, just beautiful!

  3. What a nice surprise for the mom...I bet it lifted her day also. UFOs are somewhat handy to have around....

  4. Beautiful, Diane - and how wonderful that you had one nearly ready and just waiting for Lily!! Whoop whoop!!