Friday, April 15, 2011

What did I do this week

I was tied up this week with a project that I will get to in a minute.... first I want to show you my
 Just One Star.
This challenge is sponsored by the Moda staff and designers. They ask everyone to make "Just One Star"  so that they can piece, quilt and bind 100 quilts in 100 days using the Flag of Valor pattern by Minick and Simpson.  The quilts will be donated to soliders injuried in the line of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It's not too late to join in the deadline is May 1 so they can meet their deadline by Flag Day, June 14
"many hands make light work"

Now what else kept me busy this week....

This was my yard Saturday morning, like 6:30a.m. Pretty pityful, right? We moved into our home last year, the same weekend of the Nashville floods. Apparently all of our top soil and grass seed is somewhere many miles from us. I seeded last year but I grew mostly weeds. We were trying to decide what we were going to with our dirt. If you remember from an earlier post I decided to lay sod. The sod arrived early Saturday morning. My husband is disabled and I knew he would not be able to help much, but I thought was determined I could do it. I'm not scared of hard work.
Now, if I was 20 years younger and about 75 pounds lighter and it had not been 90 degrees I think I could have gotten a lot more done but..... A mini, (mini?), roll of sod weights 40-50 lbs, there are 5 layers, with 10 mini rolls on each layers on a pallet. Can you do the math? I laid 3 pallets on Saturday. Yeah!!!! I had 9 pallets to lay! Boo!!! I was beat, beat I'm telling you, my legs hurt, my arms hurt, heck my fingers even hurt. Saturday night, called a friend to enlist her son and a friend of his. Now 2 teenage boys didn't want to be outdone by an old lady so they worked hard and we laid 4 1/2 pallets. Monday we had terrible rain and storms, but the boys came back Tuesday afternoon and we finished up the majority of the work. I finished everything on Wed after work.

 Look at my yard now!!!!

Isn't it purty?  This is the same part of the yard as the 3rd picture above. (of course at different time of the day) You can see the hummingbird feeder in the lower right hand corner.

This is the steps off of the deck, I still need to cut around the stepping stones. (that's the little humps in the grass)

Just one more picture. Now I just have to keep it watered and talk to it everyday so it will grow and grow and turn a lovely green. So I can mow and weedeat in the Tennessee 100 degree weather. OHHH I might like the dirt better come to think of it.

I'm waiting until my sister comes for a visit week after next  to mulch.  Shhhh! she doesn't know yet.

Not much sewing and quilting marked off my Monday list but I have GRASS!!!!


  1. Getting a lawn is a definite UFO bust!!! It looks great.

  2. Whoop Whoop Whoop!!!! Your yard looks awesome!!!

  3. It's beautiful! You did a great job! And not working on UFOs is okay to get results like you pictured! I painted my picket fence this week (still more to do!), so no UFO-ing at my place either.

  4. Yay!for your green lawn. It is so pretty, we have not seen the green grass since Nov. Thanks for making that one star. You know, if everyone made "just one star" think how many quilts our service wounded could have. Nice.

  5. Your start block is very preetty. And what a good job you did on your back yard. Mine is a mess.

  6. Whoop! Whoop! Watering will be key! A couple inches every day, early or late in the day. Good luck!

  7. It looks great! That's a lot of sod to lay. I'm glad you got some help:)

  8. You 'pieced' your yard well. Whoop! Whoop! Now enjoy it.

  9. I know how much work that is. We've done it twice for two different houses. It is hard work! But it looks wonderful!

  10. I went to Dyersburg, TN for the floods last May. I volunteer with the Red Cross. I cant believe it been almost a year. Nice to meet you.