Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's my favorite number?

My favorite number is................

HQ Sixteen, that is.

Looky, looky what was delivered to me yesterday. All set up ready to quilt away. I've been wanting one of these FOREVER! Kept looking and hoping and finally found a very, very good deal. Or course DH says it's my Christmas present for the next five years, but that's ok with me. (hope he's kidding) I played with my new toy for awhile this afternoon but then life took over again. It's a lot bigger than I thought, so I have to move around my room a bit.

I missed posting my updates yesterday, I thought you might understand when you saw why. Anyway I did finish up the fall quilt and started a new one using Blush almost finished with the flimsy.

Gone to play with a cute "Sixteen" before son's basketball game.


  1. How wonderful that you have a great and helpful HQ Sixteen for a toy!

    Applause on finishing your lovely Autumn quilt!!

    I'm a fellow UFO Buster. Cheers!

  2. Diane
    Thank you for visiting me! I am so jealous of your Sweet 16!