Sunday, January 9, 2011

This is what I did instead of sewing today. This is a wall in my sewing room. May not look like a lot, but took me several hours. The hard part wasn't cutting the letters out on my Cricut, but getting them straight on the wall. Thanks to Sweetwater I bought the jar labels.
They used baby food jars but I had these and decided to use them instead.

I love the way it turned out. (sorry for the flash glare)The quilt block is one that was left over from a quilt years and years ago but I thought the colors went well with everything else and fit into a 8X8 frome that I had.

I am working on something and I hope to have all the piecing finished tonight. It's not on my UFO list but I decided to make 1 new project and then finish a UFO and then a new project, etc. I know most people would have finished an UFO then started something new, but I had to do something with the fat quarters I won during the Holly Jolly Bingo game.

I should have something to show you using this sometime this week. My favorite

I have to run..have to go to the store and stock up with bread and eggs(don't like milk) due to the big snow storm we are suppose to get tonight and tomorrow. Krogers probably doesn't have a loaf of bread on the shelf. Did I go out during the daytime time, I wait till it's dark. But in defense I was working on my wall and watching football. Since the Titans are out I was pulling for the Saints but now they are out.

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