Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2nd posting tonight, don't miss 1st

This is a quilt I started a couple months ago, but I lost interest, just wasn't a fun quilt. I bought the kit from the Fat Quarter shop. I like the colors and made it for my family room, just perfect for the room. But the directions were confusing until I got to the very end and then it all made sense, but by that time it was too late the mistakes were made and I'm not one to rip apart a whole quilt. Because of the colors the mistakes are not that noticeable.

This is my least favorite part of quilting. Pin basting. Don't like the pinning. Anyone else feel this way? This was how I was taught but I wish there was an easier way. I bought an offbrand machine quilting table but I never could get my sewing machine to work on it. I am checking out some of the ones on the market now, but I really have to check them before I purchase another one. Anyone have an opinion on a good one?

Everyone has been sharing their Christmas trees, here is ours. I thought it would be different this year to go back and use glass balls, in red and white. Candy canes and bead garland. I was so proud and thought it looked so pretty and then my DH asked why I was advertising for Target. So now when I look at my pretty tree all I can think of is Target and their bulleye.

Got to love him.


  1. Diane, have you tried spray basting? I use it for all my quilts, and machine quilt them on my domestic short-arm. I've had very good success with it....

  2. Diane,
    I also spray baste using "505" spray fix, JoAnn's also has their brand which I have used (cheaper price). Thanks for posting the picture of my gift to you. I love your gifts. I hung the towels in our guest bath, and the table runner is on the island---will take pix after New Year.

    Marie in Oregon

  3. That is one absolutely gorgeous quilt, Diane.

  4. Pin basting...use spray baste..Sullivans in the pink can..LOVE it! If u need more info lemme know...
    Gael from Pink-a-Palooza