Sunday, September 13, 2015

A finish and a new one started

Finished the "Which Witch's Boot"
 The quilt maker said do what you want.
So I had fun.
SoFine black on the borders and white every where else.
Two layers batting, Hobbs 80/20 and cotton.
Started on a signature wedding quilt.
She asked that there be no quilting on the signatures.
Tried to explain they would be puffy. 
Don't really know if I like the signature block like this,
 might have to come up something.
The bride had everyone sign a block at the wedding, then I pieced the top.
Some guest didn't understand not to write pass the blue line
(I marked each block for the seam allowance)
Have a nice week.


  1. Your quilting is so gorgeous - I am in awe every time you post! Good luck quilting around those signatures - that sounds like a challenge!

  2. I had the same situation when I sent blocks to Europe to be signed (going past the line). I used a light box and traced onto new fabric.

    I feel for you about working around the signatures. The quilt is gorgeous however I would send her a photo anyway!

    May the Quilting Gods be with you! :)

  3. Nice quilt idea and your quilting will definitely make it gorgeous. The signature block with the simple swirl looks good, maybe a less dense quilting design in these blocks is all you need.

  4. The quilting on the Halloween quilt is gorgeous, and so much fun! And the wedding quilt is certainly a challenge, but looks like you're pulling it off. It will be a keepsake.

  5. Love the Halloween quilt quilting. So pretty. I'm sure the wedding quilt will work out fine. Yes, it will be puffy, but it should still look good.

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