Friday, March 27, 2015

New quilt

Barbara's quilt is finished.
Just need to trim.
Lots of pictures to share after
I delivery it to her.
This is my new quilt.
Not a whole lot to see right now
First time to quilt on black and
 I might need a new pair of glasses
when finished.
Thank goodness for Jamie Wallen's video
 on how to make a side light.
Have a nice weekend.  It's will be cool here so
a good time to stay inside and quilt.


  1. That's pretty, Diane! Love the arches...

  2. Oooooo.....Arcs, feathers and cross-hatching----the perfect "marriage" of motifs!!! LOL! The 'finish' will be stunning but, I suspect, you will need to give your eyeballs special TLC!!!!! LOL!!! Can't wait to see your finished "delivery", too.

  3. I really, really need a quilt with curved cross hatching! Love it!

  4. Beautiful work. I can see what you mean about needing new glasses - wow! What a challenge. Good thing you found a way to cope.