Saturday, July 12, 2014

Catching up

Thank you to everyone who checked to see if I was
okay after not posting for a while, a month actually.
I have been quilting, trying to get caught up,
if there such a thing.
Summer and life with Stevie has taken over
most of the time.  Life is sometimes difficult
with a special needs child and a disabled husband.
Well that's not why your here, let's get on with the fun stuff.
I did have a finish, but can't show it right now,
 but here's a peek.  I
Love the texture.  Look at all the colors of
thread I used.
This is for a special friend and I love it so much
 I have started one for myself.
I took this one off the frame (have I told you how much I love my zipper leaders) to work on some of the baby
quilts.  My customer had some family matters
come up and was not in a hurry for it.
Now I have it back on the frame and trying to finish it up.
I lost the afternoon lighting but maybe you can see.
I had a time with the corners of the borders.
I didn't have a plan for them when I originally started on it.
Thought an idea would just "pop" in my head when I got to them, sadly to say it was not that easy.  I finally came up with something this afternoon.
I think when on a bed this will drape nicely.
This is a huge quilt.  If I remember correctly
something like 108X128.  It has taken forever.
I love this BIG quilt, with it's 10" borders.
I have a little boy ready for bed.
Hopefully I will be back sooner next time.


  1. good to see you have been busy whilst away from blogging, such beautiful quilting you have shared today

  2. I love the mactavishing on the first quilt - it's amazing! And the second one is going to be quite a treasure - your friend is very lucky!!

  3. Glad to see a post from you! I love the quilting in the ten inch borders!