Monday, May 13, 2013

HQ16 for sale

Well I did it.  Did what you might ask.  I drove to Paducah for the quilt show in April and bought a APQS Millie.  Yea, I did.  So now I need to sell my HQ16.  If you or anyone you know have been looking for a good used quilting machine with a lot of upgrades email me and I will send you all the details.  Very good machine, has served me well.  I needed wanted a larger throat machine. 

Been awhile since I have blogged, been very, very busy.  I finished and delivered Aven's
quilt, didn't take pictures.  This is the only one I have.  Turned out cute, I put her name in the large white space.
 It has rained so much here it is very hard to get pictures.
Quilted two quilts for the Down syndrome Assoc., still have the binding to do.
Quilted a wall quilt for my office at work, still have binding (see a pattern here?)

I had a friend to ask me to custom quilt for her, did not get a picture of the whole quilt.
It was so big, I don't know that I could.  It was a present for her mother.
Here is just a little bit.
 Turned out great and she loved it.
I made a quilt and currently quilting it for a co-worker's daughter as a wedding present.
The bride lost her grandmother to breast cancer in Feb.  They were hoping she would make it until the wedding, but she lost her battle.  My co-worker wanted something that was cancer related. 
I made a pink ribbon quilt, quilting her name and dates, like the memory quilts I have made in the past.
You can see the top part of the ribbon with a heart in the middle.  Every quilt I have made recently has a deadline and this one is this Friday.  Wedding is Saturday and the quilt is going to part of the memorial table at the wedding.  Did I mention I am also the wedding planner.
Remember the quilt I was making for a man at work, he had found out he had cancer and very little could be done for him.  I was making him a quilt, a large quilt to give him warmth and comfort.
He lost his battle before I could finish his quilt.  He was one of my bosses.  I have worked for him for 23 years.  He was more that a boss, he was a friend.  When Stevie was younger I mentioned he like to watch Bonanza.  The next week he brought me a set of dvd's of every episode.  He said "now Stevie doesn't have to watch all of the commericals"  I will miss him dearly.
Throw in a family disagreement, my father getting bit by a dog and we found out my husband has more medical problems than we thought.  Now do you see why I have not have time to blog?  Missed my blogging buddies, but I do visit when I have a chance.
Thanks for visiting and listening.  Hopefully, it won't be as long next time.
Now for a picture of the bride trying on her dress after I had altered it.  She bought the dress 2 years ago (long story), and well, the dress shrunk while hanging in her closet .  I had to add a corset closing.
I don't know why I can't get the picture to rotate.  This was a try on I have tweeked it.
The "pooh" tattoo is in memory of her grandmother.


  1. Congratulations on your new machine, Diane!! Woohoo for you! Beautiful quilting and quilts above! Remember to take some time to breathe....

  2. Here I am....again! You and I have so much in common. Before I went back to school (in '99) I had my own bridal/formal wear sewing business and before those 8 years I worked at a bridal shop (LaCrosse,WI) for years as bridal gown alterations seamstress. This year is a busy one for me. Between the commission quilting, donated QOV quilting and bridal alterations, I am doing a few "trunk shows" and quilting demos (micro-stippling). It's a good thing I'm retired.....I have no time for "work"!!!! LOL!