Monday, March 11, 2013

My friend loved his memory quilt.  It's kind of funny to see a grown man tear up and almost cry when they see a quilt.  When he was able to speak, he said "how did you know?" and of course my respondance was "Know what?  He said I made the two stars in the middle, representing his parents, out of their favorite shirts.  I didn't know that...but someone did... someone above...

I love making memory quilts.  I know I don't charge enough, but that's not why I do it.
This is one is on the frame now and boy did I mess up.  I had a design for the stars and then to speed everything up I was going to quilt some feathers and stippling in thread to match the background color.
Instead I got in a hurry or lost my mind temporary,  because before I knew it I was quilting everything with the darker thread.  Not happy with it but don't have time to rip it out (and don't want to)  I'm using flannel on the back so I'm hoping it will shrink enough to cover up some of my not so good, but shows up real good with contrasting thread quilting.  This is a huge quilt, 88 x 109.  It is for a friend dying of cancer that has spread to all areas of his body.  Only been given a couple of months, but he has given up so I don't know if he will even last that long.  I don't give all of my quilts a name, but I have this one...The Big Hug.  Soft with the flannel back and large quilting.  Now if I can get it finished for him to enjoy for a while. 
This was the only picture I took of the whole quilt and this was before I added sashing and borders.
The stars are 24 inches.
On a happier note,  this is on the design board.
A birthday present for a little girl.  Still have to sew blocks together and add small borders and then it will have a pieced border.
That's all for now.
Work tomorrow.
Thank's for stopping by.


  1. Both wonderful quilts. Your friend will love the flannel, a big comforting hug. I think the dark thread adds another dimension to the quilting and looks great.

  2. The quilting on your memory quilt is absolutely amazing. I'm so happy your friend loved it, and you're right, you might not have known about the stars, but Someone did! I'm sorry to hear about your friend who is limited time. I have been through that with some family members and it is really difficult. Sending love and prayers your way. Beautiful pink quilt, she will definitely love it!

  3. The quilting on your memory is just stunning, wow!! What a wonderful quilt and yes those stars are something. There was a quilting angel or two watching over you.

  4. No one but you will notice anything about the quilting on The Big Hug! Don't sweat it, and finish it up so he can use it! And my oh my that quilting is amazing on the memory quilt!! Whoop whoop!!