Thursday, May 31, 2012

Late for the party...

but not the last dance.
I signed up to participate in this years
H2H Charity Quilt Challenge.
hosted by Sarah

I started out with a bang, then life happened.

Got back on track and now finished except
for the washing and drying.

This year we could choose between 2 charities.

The youth ministry at Sarah's church, the one that she and the Sewing Sisters
make those beautiful quilts for,
go to New Orleans about three times a year to help
 Hurricane Katrina victims, Project NOLA. 
Yes, there are still some feeling the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

This is the first quilt for the NOLA project.   We were to make a quilt for school age children.  I wanted to make two quilts for this ministry because I have 2 boys.
Love how this one turned out, actually I love how all of them turned out.
I went with my ever famous Trip Around the World.  I thought it would make a good boy quilt.
For some reason when I kept looking at this quilt I thought of the ocean.
So I quilted waves in the borders.

This next quilt is also for the NOLA project.  This was not planned, it just sort of
happened.  I had some strips left over from Stevie's teachers quilt and was trying
to decide what to do with them.  I actually thought of this when I was trying to go to sleep one night.

After I finished piecing the top I noticed I had a rather large blank space.
See it down there at the bottom, oh that's right I cut out some circles and then there was no blank space.  Good cover up.  Originally, I was going to name it Dashes.  It has a new name now
Dots and Dashes.

I quilted an all over meandering on the white and didn't quilt the dashes and dots
so they would be puffy.  Kind of float on the quilt.
Very pleased with the look.  I thought both quilts could be for a girl or a boy.

Next quilt is for Happy Chemo. 

is making quilts for Happy Chemo.  Her goal is 1500.  I thought
this would be a cute quilt for a little girl.

This is my second quilt for Emily.  I wanted to make 2 quilts for Emily.
One to honor my father, a cancer survivor.
And one in memory of my MIL, who lost her battle with cancer in 1998.
She would love the yellow quilt.

I hope each one will bring comfort to the new owner.

Check out all of the beautiful quilts at


  1. Oh, Diane, these are fabulous! I love them all, but especially the dots and dashes quilt!! What a great idea!!! Thanks so much for participating in H2H this year!!

  2. They are all so beautiful! Who ever get them will love them. Good for you!

  3. Diane they are all so pretty and bright! Very big heart!

  4. You did such great work for such worthy causes - my favorite is your dots and dashes though just for it's awesome impromptu artfulness!

  5. What wonderful quilts! I especially love the blue/green Trip as those are my favorite colors. You make me hang my head at what little progress I've been making lately.


  6. So wonderful! Where do I begin? I love the blues and greens. So pretty and love your waves, yes it does look like the ocean. That dots and dashes is spectacular. I hope you don't mind if I borrow that idea one day. I love, love it! You are so generous with all your quilts. Nice job!

  7. wow, all four quilts are fabulous :)

  8. Love them all, but dots and dashes is my favorite. Great job on all of them!