Friday, May 4, 2012

busy, busy

I have been gone so long blogger has changed. 
 What's up with that?

Where to even start.....
last week my sister landscaper came down.
We shoveled 8 pickup truck loads of dirt,
6 pickup truck loads of mulch
and laid 122 rock wall blocks.
I just love to take vacation.
I did take off three days and headed to Paducah.
I drove 1320 miles.  I had to drive back and forth everyday because
of Stevie but it was totally worth it.
I took a few classes and learned so much in each class.
I met some wonderful people and it was so nice to be around people that I could talk quilting with.
I also helped the economy as much as I possible could.
The quilts were absolutely beautiful.  I took quite a few picture, mostly of the quilting, but the Show stated not to post.

I finished Jonah's quilt just in time to FedEx it to his mother for the Benefit. Jena, Jonah's mother, said there were a lot of nice comments and a lot of people wanted to win.  The lady that won the quilt had told Jena when she was filling out her raffle tickets that she wanted to win it for her mother who has ovarian cancer.  Her mother stays cold and she said it was the perfect size. The quilt and the other items they raffled off raised enough money to buy two helmets.  They were shocked and surprised to raise that much money.
Thank you everyone that bought raffle tickets and made a donation.
I never got to take a really good picture because it was always raining.  Pictures do not do justice.  It was so pretty and very hard to give up, so I am glad that the quilt helped raise the money that it did.
I did get one picture of some of the quilting. 

I also managed to finish up another quilt.  Some of you may remember last year I made a friend of mine a quilt out of his fathers shirts who had passed on.
I had wanted to use the scraps to make his daughter, son and mother a quilt also.
His daughter is graduating tomorrow from a local university with a nursing degree.
She has helped me through the years raise money for Stevie's BuddyWalk so I wanted to do something special for her.  
Ta Da!
 another quilt from her Paw's shirts.  I sent it to her today but she won't get to open it until tomorrow.  She is receiving her pin tonight.

On the design wall tonight is a quilt for Teacher Appreciation Day.
This is going to be a quick one also.  Stevie's teacher assistant secretly helped the
children paint a block.
I bought some really cute fabric in Paducah for the borders and sashing.
Got to run and start working on it, has to be finished by Wednesday.
I love stress!!

Check out what everyone else have been working on



  1. Both quilts are beautiful!

  2. The raffle quilt for Jonah is wonderful and am so glad to hear that the raffle was such a success!! Applause!

    More applause for the special quilt for the new nurse made from her Paw's shirts! That is special to me, too, because I am an old nurse!


    Barbara Anne

  3. The quilts are great. I especially like Jonah's quilt.

  4. I remember the shirt quilt---it looks wonderful!!

  5. Both quilts are so beautiful. I love the earth tones and the different quilting you did for each section. I'm sure the t-shirt quilt will bring tears to her eyes; how thoughtful you are. Have a great weekend. -April @Little Mama Hen

  6. I really like the design of the shirt quilt...and what a great way to use the shirt scraps from her dad!