Friday, December 16, 2011

This elf is tired, are you?

Taking a short break to share and link up with

I made this notebook cover for a Dirty Santa gift exchange  with the Sewing Sisters.

This is Sophie's, my great niece, Christmas quilt.  Made with Cat in the Hat fabric.  She will start daycare in Jan and needed a naptime quilt.  i just love how it turned out.

My favorite part is the name and the black and white stripes

 Of course, Vinny, my great nephew, needed one also.  Made with the same fabric but alittle different.  I also included The Cat in the Hat book.

A look at the backs.

I hope they like them.  I have two more, just  like these, to make for a lady at work for her grandchildren.

In addition to these I have made two more t-shirt quilts.  I failed to take a picture on one of them, made with 30 shirts.

This is a Christmas present for a young man.  His father is friends with a lady at work and after seeing her son's t-shirt quilt he wanted one too.  First time I used jerseys, but they worked out fine.  His father cried when he saw it. 

I have another commission t-shirt quilt to make and two quilts for my bosses at work before Christmas.  I have the tops pieced but want to do custom quilting.  And yes, I do know Christmas is a week away.

Stevie was the Stink bug in the school Christmas play, titled A Buggy Christmas. Now you might be like me and wonder what a stink bug or any bug has to do with Christmas, well you'll have to keep wondering because I didn't understand it either.
Well,I guess I had better get back to work, oh I mean quilting.


  1. I would agree, the white/black stripes really make the quilt pop. All your projects are so pretty!

  2. My goodness, Diane, you are a busy bee! You've already got so much finished, and still so much yet to do! Don't work too hard.......