Saturday, February 26, 2011

My week in 1 post and Friday's Whoop Whoop

I was really making progress or so I thought until..... My father had surgery on Monday and we found out he has cancer. The doctor feels he removed all of the tumor but we will not know the next step until this week. On Tuesday I came down with a sore throat, along with my sister. I went to work on Tuesday my throat was still kind of scratchy. Wednesday, I did good to make it throught the day at work. Thursday I was in the bed, all day, very unusual for me, couldn't even take my son to school. (wonder if that is excused LOL) Friday I got up slowly, dressed, son dressed and fed, drove him to school, drove to work. Walked into work, sat down in my chair, hadn't even put my purse down when bossman walked by, I coughed, a real deep cough and he sent me home. Good thing because I don't think I could have made it all day. I drove back home and spent the day in bed, again! So if I had not sewed the weekend before and the morning before my father went to the hospital I wouldn't have anything to share. But.....

I finished the flimsy Wonky Blocks. Need a little more practice with this. Sounds funny but this is a little out of my comfort zone. I'm use to everything being the same and matching up. I know, I know I have 2 brown centers together. I want to quilt it with some straight lines or maybe straight lines around each square.

Isn't this the cutest little baby quilt!! I just fell in love with it. It's Little Sprout by Vanessa of V and Co. The pattern is in the Spring issue of Quilts and More. I want to try a little custom quilting on this one, following the leaves and stems.

Where has this been!!! I love this. Made making the Little Sprout quilt a breeze. I will be using this again very soon. I have found a new friend. I asked for opinions and they were mixed, so I tried it anyway and I love it!

I started this one using Sunkissed. The pattern is also in Quilts and More. It's Spanish Tiles by Vickie of She has a picture on her site. (don't know how to link) It's not lined up but I wanted to share. I have worked on it alittle today and hopefully will finish the piecing tonight or tomorrow during catch up laundry.

Well, I think that is my week, Whoop Whoop. I was on a roll until I got sick. I have thought of a few things next in line. Click on the Whoop Whoop button to see what everyone else has been working on and join in for a giveaway from Sarah.


  1. You really were on a roll before you got sick!! Amazing!! Quilts and More was really good this month.... I'm so glad you linked up, hope you're feeling better, and that your dad gets a good report. Whoop whoop!!

  2. You accomplished a lot! This must make you feel really great! Wonderful variety!

  3. Sorry to hear about your dad...hope all goes well.

    You were on a roll before you got sick? Really? I'd like to see you on a roll and feeling good! Love the Wonky Block and the Little Sprout and...I just love them all!

    BTW...thanks for visiting me! Love new friends!