Thursday, May 11, 2017

Here is my BIG News

Registration opens May 15th.
Show is September 27-30
in Springfield, IL

Mary Schilke and Janet-Lee Greer Santeusanio and their staff
have a wonderful show.  Quilts are amazing, variety of vendors and classes.
This show is not just for machine quilting.
Have you ever wanted to see or know how I quilt names and words on my quilts?
I have a class for that.

See the rose above?  Want to learn how to design and quilt it?
I have a class for that.

Check out all the classes at

I would love to meet you in one of my classes.
I am the very last teacher on the list, Diane Wingo, so
make sure you scroll all the way down.


  1. Oh Wow!! Congrats!! I would LOVE to take your class, don't know if I could ever get there, is this the one in Illinois?

    1. Well, yes, I just reread, it is in Springfield. Sorry.

    2. Oh Ann I would love to meet you, now I don't know how much I could teach you. lol! You are a wonderful quilter and answered all of my novice questions.

  2. Wow, that is awesome, Diane! Congratulations!!!

  3. I've been following your blog for sometime now. I'm glad you're stepping out.

  4. Congratulations Diane -- so very deserved. I won't make it to MQX this fall -- but maybe next year. I would LOVE to take either of those classes from you. You Go Girl !!!

  5. I am thrilled to be taking two of your classes at MQX Midwest!!! YAY!!