Thursday, February 9, 2017

a finish

This quilt was on the frame way too long.
I had the after Christmas blues, my son got sick
 and then myself.
We are all better and I am
finishing up a few quilts.

Remember this one? It is now finished.
I still need to trim and bind it.
This is a customer quilt made for her DIL.

I think it turned out great.  Love the colors.

Even though this one took a while, 
not actual quilting, but life moments.

When trying to come up with the quilting design
I kept seeing circles, but the customer wanted
leaves. I didn't see leaves.  I wanted to make her happy
so I incorporated leaves, small leaves, but leaves.

This is the next one going on the frame.
Another customer quilt.  This one is made from 
blocks she found while cleaning out her mother's house.
Sort of a memory quilt. I had a limited number of blocks
 to make three quilts, so there is a lot 
of open space.

Will post as I am quilting.
Trying not to neglect my blog this year,
not off to a great start since this is Feb.,
but will try harder.
Thanks for visiting.


  1. what a glorious quilt loving the colours and the quilting stet it off beautifully. Sorry you have been ill but good to know you are now better. I have quilted 7 so far this year but only very amature and no fancy patterns wuld not know where to start with those!

  2. I've missed your blog and I'm happy to hear you and your family are feeling better. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  3. Life gets in the way - hope you're feeling all better now. Come on, spring!

    1. Oops - I meant to tell you how pretty the quilting is on that, and definitely worth the wait for your customer!

  4. Circles and leaves. I hope the customer liked it - I think it's beautiful!!

  5. Wow, that is some amazing quilting. The circles are wonderful and as for leaves, that's some clever incorporation. I'm sure the recipient would absolutely be thrilled with it.

  6. What a beautiful quilt and fabulous quilting! I really enjoy getting to see your wonderful work. I am so glad you and your son are feeling better.