Saturday, June 13, 2015

Arboretum Quilt

Barbara made a quilt to hang in the
new Arboretum in Lebanon, TN.
Now, I don't know a lot, well actually very little,
about Master Gardeners or an
I do know 2 Master Gardeners,
Barbara and Kaoru. 
 I know they spent a lot of time and effort
on the Arboretum and they are very excited
and proud.
So I was very honored that Barbara asked
me to quilt her large wallhanging.
The pictures are not very good but I still wanted
to share
The center has Poplar leaves, which
is the Tennessee state tree.
Then the leaves in the 1st border are signed by all of the
Master Gardeners that worked on the
She wanted me to quilt the name, city, state and
when the Arboretum was built so that future
visitors would know.
My friend and an unbelievable quilter,
Kaoru, signed her leaf in a special way...
I don't know what it says but it looks pretty cool.
(Sorry for the blurred picture.)
This will hang in the Arboretum
for all the visitors to see.
Measures 55x55.
I used 2 layers of 80/20 batting.
Glide and SoFine thread.
It may look a little yellow in the pictures,
but it is green.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice job!/jobs! I will have to stop in and see this when I travel down to see my son and his family! I truly can't wait to move back down there! D.L. L

  2. Gorgeous quilt and beautiful quilting!

  3. Amazing! You do such lovely work, Diane!

  4. What a glorious quilt - it will be a fantastic addition to the arboretum. May I ask how you quilt your lettering? Do you draw out the shape of the letters with a marker? I've never had a chance to try that, but maybe one day.

  5. wow, I can see that you took a simple quilt top and made it magnificent! Kudos to you.

  6. Your quilting is impeccable. Gorgeous!

  7. Love this Diane -- just awesome! Your quilting is amazing. An APQS Millie is looking more and more intriguing every day... xo - Karen