Thursday, August 1, 2013

Son's quilt finished

I finished my son's quilt about a week ago.
I love how it finished and he did too.
He said it was too good to hang in his shop and he might take it to his apartment.
First let me show you, this is before filler
now after micro stippling
 See the difference?
My son has owned and operated a tattoo studio for the
past 21 years, a very classy place. His building was sold and he had to find and renovate
a new place.
 (Guess what I was doing last week on vacation, yep, drywall ,sanding, painting)
 I made this quilt for him to hang on a wall.  As I said before he loved it.
Didn't know his mama could make something like this.
Click on the pictures to see them larger.
Hard for me to get a picture of the whole quilt by myself.

I know a lot of pictures. I took so many pictures I couldn't decide
how many to show and which ones.

I was inspired by Lisa at
I didn't have a pattern, just looked at the one Lisa made.
Two layers of batting and Glide thread (love that thread).
I needed something modern for my son and I thought the quilting designs
looked like tribal tattoos.
If you have not figured it out yet, his shop is ICON Tattoo and Body Piercing
in Nashville, TN.  He and his guys put as much love and pride in their art as we do in ours.
I think the two arts are very similar, we both see our art lasting forever. 
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  1. Amazing! I would want it at home rather than work too.

  2. Good heavens, Diane, you just keep getting better and better! This is amazing!! Whoop whoop whoop!!!

  3. Wow - that is incredible!! Your son is very lucky!!

  4. Diane, I sent you an email about your machine you have for sale, maybe check your spam folder, if you did not get it, I can resend. I'd like some information on it please, if you still have it!

  5. My gosh that is so intricate! You have a tonne more patience than me! Super job!

  6. such exquisite quilting, popped in from crazy mom quilts link

  7. Beautiful. Hey, do you use a longarm or tabletop? I can certainly see the similarities between their art form and ours.

  8. Beautiful, so happy you won a ribbon with this quilt.....