Friday, June 17, 2011

MOJO Returns

I visited with Sarah
and sewed with the ladies in the quilt ministry on Saturday.
I had such fun, I don't know which I enjoyed more the fellowship or the sewing.
 Someone (I don't recall who Sarah said it was)
had donated a very large stack of fat quarters to the ministry stash.
In that stash was the most beautiful indigo blue fabric.
We decided to make large blocks to show off the beauty of the fabric.
What do you think...?

Is this not gorgeous?

I added navy cornerstones to break up the different fabrics so they wouldn't be
 muddled (word?) together.
Sorry, DH is not the best quilt holder upper.

I just love the way it turned out.

I hated to use all of the yardage that came with the FQ for the back because there is enough of the FQ to make at least one more quilt, so I pieced a back.
I don't piece backs very often, unless I don't have enough fabric, so this was a challenge.
A challenge I enjoyed.
I hope Sarah likes it and I hope it will bring peace and happiness to someone in their time of need.

Now, this inspired me to take some scrapes I had left over and make another one.
This is a surprize (don't look Sarah ) for the quilt ministry.

I used Central Park by Kate Spain.
So quick and easy with the large prints but
made a very pretty quilt.
This is a surprize for Sarah ( I bet she looked) and the quilt ministry.
Since DH did such a wonderful job the first time..
here is another picture (because we all love pictures)

Don't you just love the colors?

I didn't have enough for a back so I will have to get with Sarah and come up with something.

I hope this one will brighten someones

That's what I have to show for this week.  I had fun and enjoyed getting back into the
swing of things. 

Humm, now I need a quilt for a friend's daughter getting married
in July. 

Can we say 
Check out what everyone else did over at 

Have a good week and thanks for visiting.


  1. I love the quilts. They look so different because the the fabric colors. Did you 10 inch blocks? Great job!

  2. Oh, I could just give that blue quilt a home! WOnderful projects to get the MOJO flowing.

  3. First I have to say that every time I see that little one curled up on that quilt it just warms my heart!! And those quilts are amazing. I love love love the blue, front and back!! Great job.

  4. Yes, Whoop Whoop! Both quilts are great. I'm not much of a blue person, but boy, that one is sensational. Of course, the Central Park with purple, beautiful.

  5. Both quilts have such wonderful colors! Very nice:)

  6. Wow! I do love the indigo blue on. It's so clean looking. It has a bit of a dutch feel to it. Whoop! Whoop!!

  7. I am not much for blue, but Wowza~! I LOVE that blue quilt. That back is so interesting and unique. Love it also. Purple is my favorite color, so I really like the second one too. Great job~! I have learned so many techniques and have seen so many wonderful varied quilts with the H2H group. I am really blessed to have this opportunity~!

  8. Oh my, that indigo quilt IS gorgeous! I like the other one too!