Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday already?

Another Friday, boy this year is flying by. Remember when you were 16, 17 years old and it felt like Friday would never come soon enough. they come way too fast. Let's see what have I done this week, other than be a mom, a cook, a dishwasher, oh let's not forget the 8-5 job. Not really try to complain, just sounds that way. Love my life and all my jobs.

Finished the flimsy I started Saturday while sewing with Sarah and the ladies from her church.

Made 9 nine patch squares for another church ministry quilt.

I'm going to have to take this quilt outside and take a picture to show it's true beauty. It really is a pretty quilt. This is the retirement quilt for a friend at work. Flimsy is finished, have to finish piecing the back and it will be ready for the frame.

Have you hear about "Just One Star?" The Moda staff and designers have a new challenge. They need 1800 star blocks, to make 100 quilt for the brave men and women serving over seas in Iraq and Afghanistan by Flag Day, June 14. Deadline to submit one star or as many as you want to make is May 1. This is the fabric I chose. I want to have mine finished to mail on Monday.

What else?

This is going to be a
t-shirt graduation quilt for a friends son. She has to find me a couple more t-shirts. You will be seeing more of this quilt real soon. I've never made a t-shirt quilt so wish me luck. On the back will be squares that his friend, coaches and family have signed.

Well I guess that's my week. How was yours?


  1. You did good! Remember to link up tomorrow to officially get your whoop whoop!!!

  2. Whoop Whoop! You were busy! Doesn't it feel good to get all things done, or at least started.

  3. Congrats on all your progress, Diane. Looking forward to seeing the t-shirt quilt. I've never made one.

  4. Well done! I have some of the fabrics you used in the 9 patch blocks.

    I seem to remember someone telling me to iron the tee shirt fabric squares onto parchment paper so it doesn't stretch as you sew. I've never made a tee shirt quilt either.

  5. Wow! I'd say you've had a busy week. Sometimes progress is as good as a finish!

  6. Looks like you had a busy week! I've made two t-shirt quilts in my time, both several years ago. Interfacing is your friend with t-shirt quilts!

  7. Hi! I'm loving Susan's progress report days. I enjoy seeing what others are working on. Congrats on your UFOs in progress!

  8. You got a lot done! Nice progress on all your projects!

  9. Wow! Did you sleep too? Whoop!Whoop!

  10. Looks like you got a LOT done, despite all your other jobs! Wow! I'm like you...working a lot at my job, trying to be a good mom, and squeezing in a little quilting here and there. It's a merry-go-round, isn't it?! Keep up the great work. I'd love to do that just one star project, but I am having trouble finding time even for that. Sad, but true!